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Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden ([personal profile] harrydresden) wrote2017-03-05 12:54 pm

Locator Jobs and Summonings

The best things in life aren't always free.  So if you want Harry to Locate someone for you or summon something for information, then you'll have to pay the piper (or the mods whatever).

Locator Spell 
Locator Spells
  • Full successful find would be 250 (just like the touching reunion) for an actual meeting with the person.
  • 100 for their location (though they'd have to get to them before they moved)
  • 50 to successfully  find someone either related to the person they're looking for or someone who conveniently looks (kind of) like the person they're looking for.
  • 75 for a successful summoning of a demon/spirit with knowledge where the player gets useful information
  • 50 for a successful summoning of a demon/spirit that goes really wrong and might give them nightmares for a few days