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Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden ([personal profile] harrydresden) wrote2011-12-14 04:10 pm
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Non Mitternacht: Log with Penelope

A guy had to wonder how I got myself in these situations. Seriously, I was moving through the streets of London of all places, tailing a pair of Reds that had taken a page from Madrigal Raith's book and started preying on magic users. Fucking Madrigal Raith. If I could kill him twice I would have and that's saying something. I don't go in for killing if it can be helped. Killing isn't fun, and it doesn't make you feel much better about things. I had done some things in a fit of fallen induced rage that I'd regretted for a long time later. And even killing while protecting people important to me left me feeling dirty. So Madrigal Raith was a special kind of jackass.

I'd gotten the call from Chandler last week, he had his hands full as the guardian to the Edinburgh way but the network had thrown up a distress signal from out his way and I was the specialist (and sucker) that was willing to put in the overtime to deal with it. I'm not going to complain about it ... much. It's mostly the usual grumpy wizard complex. Chandler hadn't really gone into much detail about the schematics related to Wizardry in London, apparently there was a decent sized collective of both Council level and lesser wizards in the area. And there was some sort of hospital in the area which explained why the reds had chosen this to be their hunting grounds. While the Whites liked to get to know the victims (and one hand to when you fed off emotions) the reds just fed. Quick snag and drain really. They didn't have the same finesse. And predators often hunted the weak. It was pretty much status quo, go to, predator - prey behavior. In the long run, reds are generally predictable. They'd found a place with easy prey and they'd pretty much stuck to it.

Of course at night when the shops in the area started closing down was the best time for it, so here I was hiding in the shadows, watching down two of the streets the most people had gone missing. I really hadn't had enough sleep but that's the story of my life, I'd survived on less and solved crimes, I could do this. Snow started drifting down around me and I pulled my duster closer around me and held my staff in the crook of my arm so I could keep my hands warm.

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