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Lost Items Found. Paranormal Investigations.
Consulting. Advice. Reasonable Rates.
No Love Potions, Endless Purses, Parties or Other Entertainment

Leave a message with my answering service if you need to make an appointment with me.

OOC Contact: PM or [ profile] AthenaZ @ plurk

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Harry is a dork.  If you are from a book or comic book, he might know you and possibly quote you/fanboy you.  Is that OK, or is it best for him to be ignorant? 

As a note, he is far more knowledgeable about comic books than I am.  If I should know something important, please nudge me and let me know.

He has some potential for knowing you if you are from a movie.  Sometimes he can go to a drive through and it won't destroy anything, he can see it all the way through.  So those kinds of people as well!
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The best things in life aren't always free.  So if you want Harry to Locate someone for you or summon something for information, then you'll have to pay the piper (or the mods whatever).

Locator Spell 
Locator Spells
  • Full successful find would be 250 (just like the touching reunion) for an actual meeting with the person.
  • 100 for their location (though they'd have to get to them before they moved)
  • 50 to successfully  find someone either related to the person they're looking for or someone who conveniently looks (kind of) like the person they're looking for.
  • 75 for a successful summoning of a demon/spirit with knowledge where the player gets useful information
  • 50 for a successful summoning of a demon/spirit that goes really wrong and might give them nightmares for a few days 


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 Let me know what you like or where I need improvements!
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💀 Player Information
Name: Athena
Age: Over 30
PM this journal or [ profile] AthenaZ
Characters In-game: Bianchi

💀 Character Information
Name: Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden
Canon: The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher
Canon Point: After Skin Games 
Age: He's between 39-41 by the end of Skin Games. Nothing official nails it down.
Description: Harry is really tall, 6'9" to be exact and there's a lot of joking about it in the books. He's also lean, more on the really skinny side when the books started out but Mab sent him through faerie boot camp and now he's physically strong with sharp angles.  He has hair that is generally a little too long, he doesn't like to cut it when he's in the NeverNever (the magical realm that exists in a separate reality from our own though it touches it in places) and it's a hassle to cut at home.   His hair is dark and a little wavy when it gets too long and is generally unruly.  He's usually scruffy as well, it's a lot of work to keep up with the beard when things around you fall apart all the time.  Harry likes to wear whatever's laying around though he hasn't gone out in sweatpants and cowboy boots in a while.  He usually has a leather duster on and always wears a pentacle amulet on his neck and several rings on his fingers used to store kinetic energy as well as a bracelet used to focus his energy into a shield. In Cold Days he was hit with a sword that left a scar, a line that starts just above his eye and ends just below it though it didn't blind him, fortunately.  In fact he has a lot of scars but most aren't out where you can see them the most notable from when he was gutted once so there's still a really large one across his abdomen.
Physical changes: No immediate physical changes though it may change based on his interaction in game.
Powers: [For more details see the Wiki] Harry is a Wizard, first and foremost. He’s more of the brute strength variety he has a lot of power and the tendency to just bash at things with it. His apprentice is better at the more delicate arts and the process of teaching her is helping him refine him own abilities. Nevertheless he’s kind of a neanderthal when it comes to magicking things. He starts the books with a penchant for fire and wind spells as his specialties and his repertoire grows from there, by the time Cold Days finished, he was also fairly adept at ice spells. He uses earth spells for gravity occasionally and force spells. Harry has the ability to "Listen" to people from reasonable distances sort of like he’s got a fancy electronic listening device but his is magical. He has a bracelet  he uses as a focus to manifest a magical shield for himself. At first this shield just stopped moving objects and spells, he has since modified it to stop temperature among other attacks because one of his enemies realized it’s weakness and shot at him with napalm, melting down his hand in the process. He is exceptional with tracking spells and for a while he could use Hellfire while a fallen angel was in his head. This ability is no longer available to him.  He has also been given the ability to use Soulfire which is basically using some of your soul to superpower a spell.
Harry can also look a person in the eyes and see a reflection of their soul. It is called a soulgaze and it happens when a wizard first meets someone's gaze for a little too long. Both parties involved see into the soul of the other person. He’s pretty good about avoiding eye contact because you never forget a soulgaze, it stays fresh in your mind like you’d seen it that day, for the rest of your life. It is a good way to tell what kind of person someone is though and sometimes in crisis a Wizard will use it to learn about a threat. This only works on something with a soul. So Sidhe cannot be soulgazed, nor can robots or animals usually.
He uses his staff or his blasting rod as focii because if he doesn’t have them his control is even worse and he tends to do damage to himself along with whatever he’s tossing his power at. Harry accessorizes with force rings that store kinetic energy for extra oomph in physical attacks. He has a leather duster infused with spells to withstand most attacks. Harry is also known to carry guns because lets face it, they’re faster than slinging a spell. He has the ability to heal over time for example after the napalm attack that melted his hand, he completely recovered use of it in the next six years whereas someone else’s hand would never have healed.
As a note, Harry does have ridiculous powers, I am aware of that. I’m pretty good about keeping him toned down and will put him on equal footing with other people if he ends up having to fight. He has a temper and a tendency to cause property damage. 
It is also important to note that magic in his world really doesn't mix well with technology. He’s like a walking talking electronic Murphy’s Law, which could be interesting with the hellnet. I have a feeling he’ll be doing a lot of turning it on and then running to the other side of the room to shout at it so it doesn’t short out. He might also beg other people to post things for him or hold it while he uses it. Most newer cars don’t last more than a few days with him. Harry lived in an apartment in a basement with no electricity.  Instead he had a real honest to goodness ice box and wood burning stove. If someone gets him too close to a computer or television, things are going to stop working and possibly blow up.

Harry also has the Sight.  Which means he can open his 'third eye' and see the true impression of things.  So places where horrible things have happened look truly horrific and places of peace are a balm.  He's built up his mental defenses since starting do deal with faeries too.
History: See the Wiki here.
Hell Status: Limbo Case
What Brings Them To Hell: (spoilers) Harry is a Limbo case because his trial is going to be a nightmare.  He spends most of his life helping those who can't fight the monsters in the world.  And he tries to be good about it, but when he was sixteen he killed his adoptive father who was trying to brainwash him into service and his life hasn't gotten any shinier since that.  He started a war with the Red Court of Vampires that got a lot of people killed, by trying to save two girls lives.  He housed a fallen angel in his head and she influenced his actions and temper.  He worked for an actual angel (Uriel) and works alongside Knights of the Cross who are Gods chosen champions.   (Or maybe Uriel's it's not really clear).  To save his child's life he destroyed an entire race of supernatural creatures and became a servant to an evil faery Queen.  He kept a young woman alive when she misused her powers, helped her mother storm the castle at the heart of winter to save her from evil faeries and then taught  her to control her powers.  He has saved the city on numerous occasions saving countless lives but also caused untold property damage.  There's so much muddled up good and bad in him it'll take years to sort through and weigh.  May some divine being help the lawyers I don't envy their job.
The Pitch: Harry Dresden is a good guy and he died doing the right thing. It says so right on the tombstone a wicked Vampire bought him when he was 28 and it was waiting for him to fulfill that for years.  Well maybe not the right thing in this case but he was doing his best darn it all.  Harry is the film noir cross between Humphrey Bogart and Harry Potter, a Wizard and Warden of the White Council and the Winter Knight in service to the Queen of Air and Darkness, Mab. Also the Warden of a creepy island prison called Demonreach which houses all those monsters that are so bad they don't even write about them in fairy tales because it gives them power. 
Harry Dresden is used to the weird and horrific.  He can take a beating and get right back up to give the bad guys a right hook or run the hell away.  Sometimes running is the better part of valor ok?  His mother was known as Margret LeFay because she was friendly with the fairies in terrifying ways and she spent some time living with the King of the White Court of Vampires during which time she had Harry's older brother who is also a Vampire (the incubus kind).  His father was a stage magician and his grandfather is the black ops division of the Wizard council.  The ENTIRE black ops division.  His adoptive father sent a nightmare from outside the boundaries of reality to kill him at sixteen and Harry won that fight. Unfortunately, he's pretty much convinced the Outsider threw the fight for him because he wasn't quite ripened fruit so to speak. That realization metaphorically made his skin try to crawl right off his body. He's fought against fallen angels that take on demonic forms and helped them rob the vaults of Hades (yes THE Hades). 
Sending Harry anywhere is like lighting the fuse to a bomb.  Something's going to blow up and go sideways and it's going to be a crazy ride along the way.  Harry's going to be a wonderfully grumpy underpaid and overworked addition to the game, ready with a smart-ass response to all the people/demons who get in his business.  He’s a little old fashioned as wizards tend to be, he has stupid reflexes about chivalry and is a ridiculous sucker for a damsel in distress.  He likes to compare himself to Wile E. Coyote and doesn’t like to take things too seriously if he doesn’t have to. He also responds with smart-assery when he’s scared out of his mind.  He’s mouthed off to everything from annoying secretaries to gods.  He’s getting better about not doing it to Mab.  You start to get smart about not pissing people off after they spend seventy seven days trying to kill you in new and inventive ways to train you.  Sometimes it’s not a good idea to give creative people a chance to flex those particular muscles.
Setting Fit: Harry has never had a problem advertising his skills as a Wizard.  Lost items found is the top of his list of things he did back home as a sort of magical private eye.  He'll probably continue to do that kind of work in Hell maybe he'll see if Sherlock wants someone to take all the boring cases that don't involve dismemberment or something or start his own service back up.  He's been dead before so mostly he's just going to be annoyed that it happened again, the setting is not that far off from the craziness of living in the NeverNever, in fact it might be less stressful which might be depressing on reflection.  He might try for reaping just so he can at least have a chance to go back and leave a message for the people he left behind on how to deal with things.  I imagine he'll have things to chat with Constantine about and anyone with magic that might not be great at using it, he'd be willing to tutor.  He's a sucker like that especially if it's a lady in distress.  He'll have to figure out how his magic works in Hell and also how to use the Hellnet without destroying every device he tries to connect with.

Samples: Test drive One
Test drive 2

Also just for reference, Faeries call themselves the Sidhe (pronounced shee) and Harry uses that interchangeably.  There's a lot of world building terminology and I didn't want to spend the whole app explaining them so if there's something that's unclear and you need clarified please let me know :)

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A guy had to wonder how I got myself in these situations. Seriously, I was moving through the streets of London of all places, tailing a pair of Reds that had taken a page from Madrigal Raith's book and started preying on magic users. Fucking Madrigal Raith. If I could kill him twice I would have and that's saying something. I don't go in for killing if it can be helped. Killing isn't fun, and it doesn't make you feel much better about things. I had done some things in a fit of fallen induced rage that I'd regretted for a long time later. And even killing while protecting people important to me left me feeling dirty. So Madrigal Raith was a special kind of jackass.

I'd gotten the call from Chandler last week, he had his hands full as the guardian to the Edinburgh way but the network had thrown up a distress signal from out his way and I was the specialist (and sucker) that was willing to put in the overtime to deal with it. I'm not going to complain about it ... much. It's mostly the usual grumpy wizard complex. Chandler hadn't really gone into much detail about the schematics related to Wizardry in London, apparently there was a decent sized collective of both Council level and lesser wizards in the area. And there was some sort of hospital in the area which explained why the reds had chosen this to be their hunting grounds. While the Whites liked to get to know the victims (and one hand to when you fed off emotions) the reds just fed. Quick snag and drain really. They didn't have the same finesse. And predators often hunted the weak. It was pretty much status quo, go to, predator - prey behavior. In the long run, reds are generally predictable. They'd found a place with easy prey and they'd pretty much stuck to it.

Of course at night when the shops in the area started closing down was the best time for it, so here I was hiding in the shadows, watching down two of the streets the most people had gone missing. I really hadn't had enough sleep but that's the story of my life, I'd survived on less and solved crimes, I could do this. Snow started drifting down around me and I pulled my duster closer around me and held my staff in the crook of my arm so I could keep my hands warm.


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